the early 2000’s,

while working my way through High School and University.  I found myself drifting into the fast-paced hospitality scene within the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  

I discovered my love for the then-growing trend known as ‘Specialty Coffee’ while being fortunate enough to work alongside some very inspirational cafe owners and highly-acclaimed cafes & coffee roasters in Australia. 

In retrospect, this was quite possibly one of the best places to start my journey; in the city that has come to be known as the cafe capital of the world.


Not only do we rock at serving amazing quality food and drinks, but you may be glad to know that all our spots are super chill with pets - we're totally a 'Pets Welcome' kind of crowd. So feel free to bring your furry friends along next time!

Specialty Batch Coffee

Founded in 2013, with the aim to raise cafe standards in the UAE; we wanted to establish the foundation of ‘specialty coffee’ through our commitment in providing consistently high-quality coffee, equipment and follow-through service.

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Stomping Grounds Café

A warm, rustic but trendy atmosphere, an amazingly delectable menu-offering, a selection of specialty coffees that have been rated the best in region and a group of young professional service-staff, are what makes a visit to Stomping Grounds Café well worth it.

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Tyler’s Tavern

Amidst Dubai’s newest sports complex warehouses at Port Rashid, in Dubai’s oldest harbour and neighbourhood to the old-money town of Jumeirah 1, Tyler’s Tavern’s unique interiors serves as a haven for seafarers and a hangout for socialites to let their hair down and absorb the heightened sensory experience that comes from being at a waterfront property.

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